Weingut K.F. Groebe


Botschafter bester Böden – ortsverhaftet, pur und ausdrucksstark.

Unsere VDP.ORTSWEINE sind ein echter Geheimtipp: Sie entstammen aus hochwertigen, charaktervollen und traditionellen Weinbergen innerhalb eines Ortes und verleihen dem ortstypischen Terroir Nach- und Ausdruck. Nur regionale Rebsorten werden verwandt – die oftmals sogar aus VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN® und VDP.ERSTEN LAGEN® stammen!
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2019 WESTHOFENER Grauburgunder trocken 750 ml
2019 WESTHOFENER Gewürztraminer 750 ml
2018 WESTHOFENER Grauburgunder trocken 750 ml

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History encapsulated

Our vineyards (8,5 ha) in the best Westhofen core locations are planted only with traditional grape varieties. Parts of the estate have been in family ownership since our founding year of 1763. The wine quality is based on selective pruning, moderate fertilization and ecological soil maintenance. Greening is allowed to grow naturally. We do not use mineral fertilization, herbicides or insecticides, relying instead on the benefits of ambient microorganisms or the employment of pheromones. We work according to traditional methods with oak barrels, slow, cool and spontaneous fermentation, without any high-tech filtration or fermentation equipment. An essential part of our production philosophy is to give our wines all the time they need. Minimum interference, sometimes called the art of controlled “doing nothing”, often leads to the optimal result. Every bottle of wine is encapsuled history that comes alive on your palate!

Ecological principles

Now in the eighth generation, we bring expertise, experience and the love of winegrowing to our winery. We have been working according to ecological principles for generations. Our vineyards have never seen any herbicides. The sustainable and prudent handling of nature entrusted to us is more important to us than showing off with bio-labels on our bottles. All our wines come only from grapes grown in our own vineyards. Ecological principles and traditional methods of winegrowing passed on by my ancestors are our basis for wines with a strong personality.